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  • elite force
    Jun 2, 2000
      London's long-standing breakbeat king, ELITE FORCE has finally re-surfaced
      after a 2 year absence with the release of some massively twisted teck-break
      tackle in the form of the Bombin' the Subway EP, scheduled for release on
      the Fused & Bruised label on 12th June 2K....
      "Club mayhem is rarely more mind-puttying than this...." [Jockey Slut]

      The exclusive MP3 radio edit of Bombin' the Subway is available for FREE
      DOWNLOAD from 5th June at:


      There's been huge DJ & radio support for this single -make sure you grab the
      mp3, a week ahead of the vinyl.......

      sHack [Elite Force/Lunatic Calm]
      Current Top 15

      01 Hi-Fi Bugs - Lydian & The Dinosaur [white]
      02 Elite Force - Bombin' the Subway EP [Fused & Bruised]
      03 Oscar - Mental Ability to be Different [Caffeine]
      04 BT- Fibonacci Sequence [headspace/pioneer]
      05 Elekrotek - Superfly [Distinctive Breaks]
      06 V/A - New Skool Vs Old Skool [Jive Electro]
      07 Elektronauts - Bumper [Plump DJs mix]
      08 BYM - Boredom is a Luxury [Echo]
      09 Phab Com Masters - dis is POP EP [Machinegun]
      10 Lunatic Calm - Centista (elite force remix 2000) [dubplate]
      11 Shanks dk - Assassin Star [R&S]
      12 Vigi & Flip - Freak Frequency [Marine Parade]
      13 Juttla - Breakzploitation [ Swaraj]
      14 Electro City Funksters - Killerhurtz EP [Sound Surgery]
      15 Stanton Warriors - Da Virus [Mobb]

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