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371RE: [HybridUK] Hybrid @ Homelands

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  • Stuart Bruce
    May 31, 2000
      On Wed 31 May, Andrew J Cowell wrote:
      > > Jacques du Cont also played well (who's he?).
      > Isn't he part of Les Rhythms Digitalis (sp)? The name
      > is familiar.

      Very off-topic, but Jacques Le Cont _is_ Les Rhythmes Digitales (both
      spelt correctly according to the CD in front of me...). The most recent
      album is a nice enough listen, but it sounds more like the Bloodhound
      Gang than like Hybrid. He's a big fan of everything 1980s but don't hold
      that against him... :-)

      Anyone on this list thinking of going to Glastonbury?


      Stuart Bruce
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