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3497Re: [Hybrid] Kiss Radio Show & Mike Truman's Chart

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  • vinnie970@yahoo.com
    Jun 30, 2001
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      Yea, m8, it's called hype and there's plenty of it doing the rounds
      in the prog scene. ;)

      That Chem Bros song serves no other purpose than to get a crowd
      moving..it does absolutely nothing for home listening, and can be
      quite annoying.


      --- In HybridUK@y..., "Stu Bruise" <stubruise@g...> wrote:
      > On 27 Jun 2001, at 18:11, ally@h... wrote:
      > > 2. John Creamer and Stefan K - I Love You - Acetate - Hybrid
      Remix and
      > > Original.....Just finished a breakbeat mix of this tune by the
      two New
      > > Yorkers. We have been hammering this original mix for ages and it
      > > the right spot everytime. Dancefloors beware scary twisted house
      > > that creeps right own your shirt. And tweaks your nipples.Wicked.
      > I am the *only* person on the face of the planet who wasn't too
      > impressed by the John Creamer & Stefan K remix of Kosheen
      > "Hide U"? I've only heard it a few times so maybe it'd grow on me
      > I heard it more, but from what I remember it just sounded like the
      > original with a 4/4 beat and some proggy burps. Not as good as my
      > Kosheen vs Pour Homme "Born To Hide This Way" mix IMHO ;)
      > > 4. Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle weapon 5 -
      Africa .....THE
      > > Tune of Homelands. The Chemicals drop a monster track with more
      > > explosions than a bomb site. Animal from the muppets get on the
      > > timbales and roof top's all over the UK are blown off. Tune.
      > Bleh, another track I don't particularly care for. Dull tribal
      arse, if
      > you ask me ;)
      > ~~stu
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