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3496Max Graham (was: re: Full Version of Hybrid Chart...)

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  • Davin Greenwell
    Jun 30, 2001
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      > Max Graham is my hero. Haven't heard this track yet, but even without
      > hearing it I can pretty much promise that it does f**king rock. :) A
      > note to all you Hybrid fans who haven't heard Max's stuff yet... GO FIND
      > SOME. :) His DJ sets are particularily stunning as well.. if you can
      > find "Cream", grab it. Good good stuff.


      Max is a big fan of Hybrid and as such there is some hybrid-ish influence
      in his productions. Though, really, Max's productions are rather unique
      and don't sound like anything else.

      Max has done a load of stuff:
      Max Graham vs. Starecase - Love The Bomb, Airtight, Yaletown, Shoreline,
      Falling (or something), Skyline, Barnone, Tell You, and there's a few more
      on the way, including the massive Sepia.

      Also look for his latest remix of Nettwerk Recordings.. Conjure 1's
      "Redemption." The original is somewhat Delerium like (if you don't know
      what Delerium normally sounds like without the remixes, they're slower,
      more enigma-like, usually with some sort of breathy female vocals.)

      that is all :)
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