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3438Kiss Radio Show & Mike Truman's Chart

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  • ally@hybrid-group.co.uk
    Jun 27, 2001
      Hybrid will probably be doing a radio show on Kiss in London either next Friday or the Friday after. If you're lucky enough to not live in london ;) go to Kissonline.co.uk to hear the show.

      Also...I have Mike Truman's latest chart for you...

      1. Robert Miles - Paths - Salt - FSOL Remix.....Fsol return with a new
      insight into where Gaz Cobain and Justin Gibson are heading, with almost 5 years away they are back with the summer tunes for this year.

      2. John Creamer and Stefan K - I Love You - Acetate - Hybrid Remix and
      Original.....Just finished a breakbeat mix of this tune by the two New
      Yorkers. We have been hammering this original mix for ages and it hits the right spot everytime. Dancefloors beware scary twisted house music that creeps right own your shirt. And tweaks your nipples.Wicked.

      3. Sharpside - Belgian Resistance - Records Delux .......Tough dark house music to start with but the breakdown is an awesome build into progressive heaven - A genius of a record.

      4. Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle weapon 5 - Africa .....THE Tune of Homelands. The Chemicals drop a monster track with more explosions than a bomb site. Animal from the muppets get on the timbales and roof top's all over the UK are blown off. Tune.

      5. Crystal Method - Name of the Game - White - Hybrid Remix.....Funky, Housey, Breakbeatness from us chaps, with a breakdown that has a very, very rude bassline. Check this out and get offended.

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