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3034Re: [Hybrid] Dance Singles (was: Re: NGCBD)

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  • Philip Stewart
    Jun 1, 2001
      --- Ally Shuttleworth <ally@...> wrote:
      > Bringing Hybrid's music to people puts a smile on my
      > face :)

      What I like is when I casually mention what I'm
      listening to when talking on the phone or over the net
      to a friend, with the aim of introducing them to
      Hybrid's great music, is to hear them unexpectedly say
      'Hybrid! There wicked! Which one are you listening
      to?' or something similar, or better still when one of
      my friends asks *me* if I've heard of them - before I
      even mention anything ... it keeps happening on a
      fairly regular basis :-)

      As for bringing Hybrid's music to people's ears, I
      ruthlessly plug on a weekly basis with my radio show

      From Phil
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