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3030Dance Singles (was: Re: NGCBD)

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  • ally@hybrid-group.co.uk
    May 31, 2001
      > - a lot of big-name singles buy record shelf space in big CD shops. If
      > when you walk into a Virgin Megastore, the most prominent single on
      > display is Geri Halliwell and not Westlife (for example), it's not because
      > Virgin reckon Geri will sell more CDs- it's because Geri's
      > promotion/record label have booked & paid the chain for the most prominent
      > placing.

      Hehe....I always mess things up for these peeps then.

      Whenever Hybrid have just released something, and I'm in either HMV or
      Virgin (normally trying hard not to buy CDs or vinyl).....I can't resist
      taking as many Hybrid CDs / 12"s as I dare and placing them in the most
      prominent positions. It ends up looking like Virgin are really backing them.
      I thought that they'd notice after a little while, but it normally stays
      like that for a few days (I work near a Virgin, it's hard not to go in). I
      can normally get quite a few singles/albums sold that way - if it's infront
      of people, they tend to pick them up to have a look.

      (as I'm writing this, I'm wondering if my love of Hybrid's music is going
      too far!!)

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