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3Re: Need an introduction to Hybrid

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  • ally@xxxxx.xx.xx
    Sep 20, 1999
      Hi Stuart!

      What's this gig on the 17th then?? Have you got all the details...could you send them to the list? I only live in York and would love to go :-)

      Hybrid...they're from Swansea...and are amazing to see live.

      I went to Creamfields last month and saw them.

      Their new album called 'Wide Angle' came out very recently and is def. worth getting.

      Probably their most famour tune is 'Finished Symphony' which is one of my favourites tunes of all time. You can find it on a lot of compilations around at the moment.

      Hybrid have been going for quite a while...and are only just being recognised for their talent.

      They seem to have a very enthusiastic label behind them - Distinctive Records.
      If you go to http://www.distinctiverecords.com - you can find biographies, samples of tracks, images, a forum (all for Hybrid) and you can even buy some of their stuff online.

      Hybrid are also well-known for doing some very good mixes of tunes - e.g. Alanis Morissette, Montano Trumpetman, Carl Cox etc. etc.

      I am trying as hard as I can to get them on vinyl, with no success as yet :-(

      Anyway....if you need to know more, give us a shout...

      Let me know the details of that gig will ya!



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      From : Stuart Bruce <music@...>
      To : hybriduk@onelist.com
      Date : 20 September 1999 10:41:03
      Subject : [HybridUK] Need an introduction to Hybrid

      From: Stuart Bruce <music@...>
      >Evenin' all.
      >On October 17th I'm going to the Musik gig in Newcastle, with Faithless,
      >Hybrid, Groove Armada & Paul Van Dyk- anyone else from this list going
      >to be there?
      >Anyway, I must admit that while I'm quite well up on Faithless and
      >Groove Armada, I know next to nothing about Hybrid- the only thing I
      >have is the �If I Survive� single.
      >So my point is, what's the best way I could find out more about Hybrid?
      >I've seen their new album in the stores, is there another album or is
      >this their first? Is there a discography somewhere? etc.etc.etc. Any &
      >all info appreciated.
      >Stuart. Sig to follow.
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