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29Hybrid Gigs / Merchandise??

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  • ally@xxxxxx.xx.xx
    Oct 5, 1999
      >> said it's superb. The price is a little steep due >>to the nature of the
      >> import (Japanese double-cd), but I hope to snatch a >>copy someday. ;)

      Mine should be with me soon, all going well :-)
      Ooooh...I'm so excited!!

      >Who here is going to which gigs, anyway?

      I 'was' going to Newcastle - but I'm off to Amsterdam next week :-(

      But, I Hybrid are making a PA at a new club in Leeds on Friday night - I'll be there....

      >And _is_ there much/any Hybrid merchandise to speak >of? I'd love a
      >T-shirt/sweatshirt if the design is similar to the >album cover.

      Yeah - meeee too!!

      >> Also, Distinctive will be releasing a compilation >>called Y3K in the near future that will feature >>unreleased tracks

      Tis out in November - first one to get it, gets a cyber-lolly!!


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