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2801Re: [Hybrid]'s Radiohead Mix

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  • propellerheadcase@hotmail.com
    May 7, 2001
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      I'm in a trainspotting mood... Awful? To which mix(es) do you
      refer? ...and is the "awfulness" anything at all to do with

      I just got the '96 re-release of DJ's Rules 'Get Into the Music', the
      Hybrid remix of which is pretty good and, as far as I can figure, one
      of their earlier remixes and as such much, much lighter on that
      distinctive (pun only slightly intended) breaks sound, in fact I
      don't think there's really a break at all - the most prominently
      Hybrid thing about the mix is the stuttering of the vocal
      reverbs, 'cause otherwise it sounds a bit like UCC...

      No, wait, there it is, a break, a good one, @ 6:48, nice build and...
      back to 4/4:-{

      ...and now I'm listening to Kriminal 'Loud 'n' Proud' (the CD appears
      to only have the Dub Mix - why is it that dubs are usually less
      interesting?) and am wondering why there is relatively little break
      in a track that was already breakbeat - and more cut-up vocal
      would've been good! ;-Oh well! At least it's better than the Olav
      Basoski 'Samplitude' Mix!

      I now have Jez & Choopie 'Yim' and have a question for all - in the
      Hybrid mixes, where the hell is that strings riff from? I know it's
      a 70's track and it's someone quite well know like Sylvester, or
      someone. Any ideas?

      ...getting back to the chronology thing - I don't think anyone had an
      answer for my much earlier question about when the first Hybrid mix
      was released - any ideas?


      The Music is the Life...
      ...and It Shall be Ours.

      --- In HybridUK@y..., Arfie Mansfield <arfie@u...> wrote:
      > >There's inconsistency even in Hybrid's mixes, which from the ones
      > >heard have ranged from being OK-but-nothing-special, to being
      > >fantastic.
      > The ones I've heard range from awful to brilliant.
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