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2794Re: [Hybrid] Hybrid's Radiohead Mix

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  • Stu Bruise
    May 3, 2001
      On 1 May 2001, at 19:09, Stuart Bruce wrote:

      > Radiohead aren't really "about" remixes, and I wouldn't be
      > surprised if their whole anti-Radio1 thing that happened recently is
      > vaguely related to that as well.

      They've been remixed in the past, though; LFO, Steve Osborne and
      UNKLE have all rerubbed "Planet Telex", for example, and Fila
      Brazillia and Zero 7 have done the same to "Climbing Up The
      Walls". Speaking of which...

      > As I understand it, Hybrid did the Radiohead
      > remix of their own volition, and Radiohead don't have to do
      > anything with it. Even saying they _like_ it is as good as you can
      > probably often hope for if you do an uncommissioned mix.

      The Zero 7 mix of "Climbing Up The Walls" was uncommisioned; a
      studio engineer mate of theirs gave them the vocal track and they
      rejigged it without Radiohead's consent or knowledge. The band
      liked it so much, they gave it an official release, and so Zero 7's
      career got off to a flying start.

      On the other hand, there's a Perfecto mix of "Street Spirit (Fade
      Out)" which was never officially released; I'm not sure if it was
      originally a bootleg or not, but I'm pretty sure that if it was,
      Radiohead heard it and turned it down. Didn't stop it from turning up
      on white label, though; hopefully the same will happen with Hybrid's
      mix (or mixes -- as I've said before, they played a 4/4 mix at the
      Cavern and I can't remember whether the one they played in the
      Chamjam set was 4/4 or breaks) :)

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