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2746Re: Hybrid's Radiohead Mix

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  • dav_nichols@hotmail.com
    May 2, 2001
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      > Screw Radiohead. That mix is excellent and blows doors off the
      > original. I understand they won't even press one promo record, so
      > it will never get into the hands of the DJs.

      This one would be ripe for a RAAPB Vol 2 (unmixed this time!) don't
      you think ? At least they don't mind the remix so would probably
      allow it on such an album, unlike another artist I could mention....

      > I wish Hybrid would do the same for the promo song Clubbed to
      > Death. I have a cut of it from a dj set,
      > but it was recorded in a club, the first part of the song is
      missing so it's pretty useless. I heard that's a CDR promo.

      ...and again. (which set was it ?)

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