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25136Spotify (was: Re: Dogstar Instrumental)

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  • ally @ hybrid-group.com
    May 7, 2009
      >Anyone discouraged by Spotify's complete lack of progressive music?
      >Anyone using it?

      I'm using it a bit…mainly when I am bored of all my music and don't want to think. I tend to pick an artist radio station.

      There's still a way to them to go though… the normal radio isn't great, they tend to list things like "Simon & Garfunkel" in the 2000's for music, just because a CD of their greatest hits was released then.

      Still, it's quick and the music quality is better than Napster when streaming… all the services seem to have pros and cons. If they can only produce one with just all the pros, that would be great ;-)

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