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  • Magnus Lorentz
    May 7, 2009
      Hi there,

      I’m not posting very often nor going to the UK for gigs… regrettably

      Anyhoo… I saw X-Men Origins Wolverine yesterday and noticed that the Hybrid
      touch on the music (credited as ‘additional programming’ or something
      similar) was very noticeable at times – entertaining movie when watched with
      no expectations and no knowledge of the marvel universe – the music is
      _very_ good and is noticeably über produced in contrast to the rest of the
      production value of the movie which is lackluster at times.

      My 2c..

      Anyone discouraged by Spotify’s complete lack of progressive music? Anyone
      using it?

      Anyone care to list the latest and hottest track? I need to refresh my


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      Subject: [Hybrid List] Re: Dogstar Instrumental

      It was renamed by Music House to "Heart's Desire" and is on both Scores and
      the Original Scores Vol. 1 CD.

      Tough to find though..


      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com <mailto:HybridUK%40yahoogroups.com> ,
      "Brian" <rys@...> wrote:
      > On the track listing for the Scores CD (on Discogs), there are 3 CDs, and
      the Hooligan Demo wasn't listed. Maybe you meant a different CD, the track
      is not listed, or the track was named differently on Scores?
      > Thanks for the info, it is appreciated.
      > -Brian
      > --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com <mailto:HybridUK%40yahoogroups.com> ,
      "drquack02" <drquack02@> wrote:
      > >
      > > There hasn't been an instrumental version used anywhere.
      > >
      > > The closest thing you can get is "Hooligan" which is a demo for dogstar
      before the vocals.
      > >
      > > It's on the Scores CD and isn't up for purchase...right now...
      > >
      > > -Chris
      > >
      > > --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com <mailto:HybridUK%40yahoogroups.com> ,
      "Brian" <rys@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Hello,
      > > >
      > > > Does anyone know if there is a instrumental version of Dog Star?
      (album version not the club remix version) Also, if it exists, where I might
      be able to purchase/download the song?
      > > >
      > > > Thanks,
      > > >
      > > > -Brian
      > > >
      > >

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