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25079Hybrid hoodies for sale?

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  • skinnymja
    Mar 2, 2009
      This is probably a long shot, but would anybody happen to have any spare Hybrid pullover
      hoodies for sale?

      I know the zip-ups are available at Distinctive, but I'm looking to replace my pullovers.

      Last week, my family suffered a devastating house fire and lost everything. All our clothes
      (including all my concert tees and hoodies), 30+ years worth of music, all our electronics,
      you name it. Unbelievably, the only thing the firefighters salvaged was my iPod, which is
      miraculously unscathed.

      My Hybrid CDs are always in my car, but my vinyl, t-shirts, 4 hoodies, and the slipmats
      Martin Pyle personally gave me at their last Detroit show are gone. My precious blue-on-
      blue logo t-shirt, the first piece of Hybrid merch I ever bought at a Toronto show when
      they opened for Moby, is also gone.

      I'm more than willing to pay if anybody has an XL blue and/or gray pullover (I had both
      and I'd gladly get them both again). We're not destitute or anything, we just have to go
      through the long process of trying to replace stuff.

      Hopefully somebody can help!
      Thanks guys and gals!
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