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25040Re: [Hybrid] Hybrid Remix CD Single & Rare Import Album For Sale

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  • Telis
    Jan 23, 2009
      Hi there mate! My name is Aristotelis Berdes and i am from Greece.I am really interested about the Monk & Canatella cd single,that includes both mixes club and dub.Can you please tell me if it's still available and how much does it cost.Thanks in advance,Telis
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      Στις 20 Ιαν 2009, ώρα 3:14, ο Nordicwarcry <celticslang@...> έγραψε:

      Hello All,

      I am making space in my music collection, and want to
      off load Hybrid-related CD singles and albums from my

      I will accept best & honest offers for any/all of

      Please respond directly if interested and please
      specify which CD singles and/or albums interested in..


      They are:

      Moby Bodyrock Remixes 3 tracks inc Hybrid Bodyshow
      Monk & Canatella CD1 3 mixes (no Hybrid)
      Monk & Canatella CD2 3 mixes inc Hybrid Electrotek
      Club Mix
      St. Etienne Boy Is Crying 3 mixes inc Hybrid Mix
      Andreas Johnson Glorious 6 mixes inc Hybrid Mix
      Jean Michel Jarre C’est La Vie CD1 3 mixes inc Hybrid
      Echoplex Mix
      Jean Michel Jarre C’est La Vie CD2 inc Futureshock &
      Funkstorung Mixes
      Carl Cox Phuture 2000 3 mixes Hybrid Remix Radio Edit
      & Hybrid Remix Video Edit
      Moby Southside 7 Mixes inc Hybrid Dishing Pump Remix &
      Hybrid Dishing Pump Instrumental
      Inner Sanctum How Soon is Now 6 mixes inc Hybrid Mix
      Energy 52 – Café Del Mar ’98 3 mixes inc Hybrid’s Time
      Traveller Remix
      Blue Pearl – Naked in the Rain ’98 6 mixes inc Hybrid
      Monk & Canatella Enter The Monk feat Hybrid Club,
      Hybrid Dub, FreQnasty Remix and Original Version
      Montano vs The Trumpetman Itza Trumpet Thing 7 mixes
      inc Hybrid Remix
      Chris Coco – Albatross 4 mixes inc Hybrid Remix
      Adeva Don’t Think About It – 6 mixes inc Hybrid Mix
      Musique vs U2 – New Year’s Dub 5 mixes inc Hybrid
      Alison Limerick – Put Your Faith in Me 11 Remixes inc
      Hybrid Vocal Mix and Hybrid Breakbeat Dub
      Hyper Go Go High 6 mixes inc Hybrid Dub
      Kevin Aviance Din Da Da 6 Mixes inc Hybrid Mix

      Serious Offers Only for the Below Two Full Length
      1)Y3K Soundtrack to the Future (2xCD) Limited Edition
      Avex Asia Release Sealed/New (2nd CD features unmixed
      versions of Way Out West Enlightenment, Timo Maas vs
      Ian Wilkie –Twin Town (General Midi Remix), Bushwacka!
      – Net Bugz, Ashtrax – Digital Reason, Sasha –
      Rabbitweed, 2 Bad Mice –Bombscare (Hybrid Remix), Lexi
      Love – I See You, Anthony Rother – Red Light Distric
      (Blim’s Pro Mix), and Hybrid – High Velocity Edit.

      2) Every Little Thing – The Remixes II Avex Trax Asia
      Sealed/New in Plastic features remixes by Eboman,
      DeeJay Punk Roc, Tuff Jam, Hybrid, Rod Antoon, Dom &
      Roland, Satoshi Hidaka, DZ, HAL, Nao Nakamura, Dub
      Master X.

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      διαθέτει την καλύτερη δυνατή προστασία κατά των ενοχλητικών
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