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25035Re: MRC / Distinct'ive Digging Up Hybrid Masters! (Symphony!)

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  • drquack02
    Jan 17, 2009
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      You can find Hybrid's Bombscare remix on the Asian 2x CD version of
      Y3K...but it is a bit rare.

      Hopefully we will see Groovology though...those really need a release..


      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "j. mincey" <minceyfresh@...> wrote:
      > Did you guys notice that a full version of the Echoplex remix of
      > Finished Symphony was also just re-released? For the past couple
      > years, all I've been able to find digitally was the radio edit. I know
      > that it couldn't have been available for too long, as the album
      > artwork simply consists of the distinctive (pun clearly intended)
      > "DISN ###" that they've been putting on their re-releases lately. I've
      > seen it on Beatport (WAV or 320 kbps) and on Amazon's mp3 store( 236
      > kbps VBR).
      > I hope that means that we'll eventually see the back catalog of Y3K
      > and Y4K EPs released digitally! I've been looking everywhere for legit
      > versions of DB's "That Thing," Hybrid's "Groovology" and Hybrid's
      > remix of "Bombscare," all of which seem to only be available on Y3K
      > and Y4k vinyls EPs! I do know that Y4K is now its own separate record
      > label, but here's to hoping that Distinctive is able to release their
      > back catalog, as Y4K (as a label) doesn't seem very eager to do
      > release anything at the moment...
      > - James.
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