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25034Re: MRC / Distinct'ive Digging Up Hybrid Masters! (Symphony!)

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  • j. mincey
    Jan 16, 2009
      Did you guys notice that a full version of the Echoplex remix of
      Finished Symphony was also just re-released? For the past couple
      years, all I've been able to find digitally was the radio edit. I know
      that it couldn't have been available for too long, as the album
      artwork simply consists of the distinctive (pun clearly intended)
      "DISN ###" that they've been putting on their re-releases lately. I've
      seen it on Beatport (WAV or 320 kbps) and on Amazon's mp3 store( 236
      kbps VBR).

      I hope that means that we'll eventually see the back catalog of Y3K
      and Y4K EPs released digitally! I've been looking everywhere for legit
      versions of DB's "That Thing," Hybrid's "Groovology" and Hybrid's
      remix of "Bombscare," all of which seem to only be available on Y3K
      and Y4k vinyls EPs! I do know that Y4K is now its own separate record
      label, but here's to hoping that Distinctive is able to release their
      back catalog, as Y4K (as a label) doesn't seem very eager to do
      release anything at the moment...

      - James.

      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "drquack02" <drquack02@...> wrote:
      > Right now you can get three Symphony mixes in full Wavs that were
      > never before available on Beatport.

      > Really gotta give MRC (new owner of Distinct'ive) props for seeing
      > value in putting up a full digital catalog...and digging up stuff
      over a decade old to provide to you...
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