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25021Re: [Hybrid] Where are they now ??

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  • whizz@ukonline.co.uk
    Dec 7, 2008
      Hybrid's move to Hope is currently only a switch of management (and one compilation). As you may have noticed, Formula Of Fear was released on Distinctive.

      Currently they are working on album #4 which will be the last of their contact with Distinctive I believe. Just recently John Graham was confirmed to be in the studio with them, and as such will contribute once again to their album.

      These days Chris and Mike do not live in the same vicinity with Chris still in Wales and Mike now residing in Derbyshire (hence the new studio in the credits of their more recent work).

      They have done a few edits, and there are rumblings of a label of their own once the contractual commitments with Distinctive are complete.

      Quoting RICHARD LUND <_schwa_@...>:

      So whats happened to the list these days ??

      Where is everyone ??

      Vinnie , Andy , Gavin , Ally ..

      We still hear from James , Rich , Rukes , Ben , Andy & Chris and a few others (forgive me for not remembering names)


      Wheres Hybrid now ??

      Whats up with the boys these days ...

      We got the Formula of Fear release & Soundsystem but what now ...

      No remixes in the works ?? ..

      I thought the switch to Hope was to release some of there score work ...well they got quite a back-catalogue of that they could start releasing it anytime now ...

      We got the Suri Tribe remix and talks of a Cui Juan remix but that was it ....

      Well I rambled on enough for one ..


      aka GLITCH
      aka Hybridian
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