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25017Re: Where are they now ??

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  • Georgy
    Dec 6, 2008
      Everybody got tired of the slowness of the list mostly due to
      moderation. No conversation can be had as the response time is
      unacceptable. (your Thanksgiving email is a good example, or the
      countless party dates, times that are posted the following Monday)

      I still don't get the point of the censoring.
      - harsh language? we are adults and can cope with anything I'd believe...
      - strong opinions? same as above
      - links being posted?? I could find those links to d/l songs faster
      than click on them from messages
      and most probably there are tons more reasons and everyone has some.

      OR people just got bored with the "I heard Hybrid on the radio, wow"
      type of messages... :)))

      I'd say this list is pretty much dead now.


      On 11/27/08, RICHARD LUND <_schwa_@...> wrote:
      > So whats happened to the list these days ??
      > Where is everyone ??
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