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25Re: Mostly Way Out West (was Re: Hybrid Unofficial Site)

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  • Vince H.
    Sep 30, 1999
      > From: Stuart Bruce <music@...>
      > On Wed 29 Sep, Vince H. wrote:
      > > All this talk about WOW is encouraging me to start up my own mailing
      > > list. ;)
      > No time like the present... already done :-)
      > Various people I know have expressed an interest in WOW, so I've set up
      > WayOutWest@onelist.com for any interested parties. I only set it up an
      > hour or so ago though, so don't expect the discussion to flow quickly or
      > soon.
      > http://www.onelist.com/community/wayoutwest/

      Right on! I've already signed up and am looking forward to the conversation
      that will ensue. :)

      > > Other good remixes include Roni Size's "Share The Fall," JX's "There's
      > > Nothing I Won't Do," Joi's "Asian Vibes," and Dubstar's "Not So Manic
      > > Now." On the latter they made one of the finest acid lines my ears
      > > have yet to behold. ;)
      > "Not So Manic Now" (remixes) is (I think) the _only_ CD single from
      > Dubstar I don't actually have... <groan>. I didn't realise it had a WOW
      > mix on it. I'll have to keep an eye out.

      Neither do I have the single, but it was released on the double-cd that came
      out in 1996 (along w/ the Stars remix). It was their debut cd Disgraceful w/
      a second remix cd added for good measure.

      > > > > I think it's time for a trip down to HMV tomorrow to purchase the
      > > > > album (along with Le ftfield's).
      > > >
      > > > Only Virgin have a copy in York, and I was planning to buy that for
      > > > my birthday on Saturday, unless you get it first... <grin>.
      > >
      > > I was in London last month and the Tower Records in Soho had one, so
      > > there's more to go around.
      > It's still in print, so I could have ordered a copy from any store that
      > wasn't carrying it.

      Yes, www.juno.co.uk has it for 14 and a half pounds.

      > One of my friends set up a Leftfield mailing list on OneList
      > (http://www.onelist.com/community/leftfield ) but it doesn't get much
      > traffic at the moment.

      I might join that one. ;)

      > > Yes, I keep hearing the claim that it's NOT "Leftism 2," which is a
      > > shame, because I really enjoyed that album. However, I'm glad to hear
      > > they're evolving and branching out, and trying to do something
      > > innovative. However, Africa Shox reminds me of some electro breaks
      > > I've heard in the past.....well, everything'd derivative, of course,
      > > so I guess something like that can only be expected. I will get the
      > > album eventually....the funds don't currently allow it.
      > Well, whether they're "branching out" _or_ "trying to do something
      > innovative" is probably questionnable, which is why the album has had a
      > mixed response (despite going straight to #1 in the album charts). They
      > don't seem to be the "front-runners" or the innovators any more, and
      > while "Rhythm & Stealth" is very slick, it's not ground-breaking. Apart
      > from "Phat Planet", which is only ground-breaking in the sense that if
      > you play it loud enough it will cause an earthquake.
      > Stuart.

      I suppose you're right, but I've yet to hear the album in it's entirety,
      only snippets here and there. '

      Back to on-topic material, Hybrid released a live performance cd included
      with "Wide Angle" in Japan. A friend of mine has it, and said it's superb.
      The price is a little steep due to the nature of the import (Japanese
      double-cd), but I hope to snatch a copy someday. ;) Also, Distinctive will
      be releasing a compilation called Y3K in the near future that will feature
      unreleased tracks from artists like Rennie Pilgrem, BT, Hybrid, & Way out
      West. I've got the promotional sticker for it, and a friend of mine has the
      actual promo on vinyl, and said the Hybrid and WOW material is particularly
      excellent (nu-skool/trance breaks material evidently). It will be released
      on vinyl (unmixed), I presume and also on cd mixed by a DJ whose name
      currently escapes me.

      Vince H.
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