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  • James Warren
    Jul 25, 2008
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      I daresay I'll go down as a heretic but I loved both cds. Cd1 is superb
      downtempo, emotional material. Beautifully programmed and elegantly mixed.
      CD2 was a pleasant surprise to say the least. I'm rather pleased Hybrid have
      moved into doing some of the prog house type stuff at least in dj sets and
      what we're beginning to see in remixes. I loved the way Long Range carried
      on for several mins into the next track or 2. The Lank tune is tip top too.

      I think elements of the prog breaks thing are getting a bit long in the
      tooth. In order to survive, you need to evolve as an artist (some would no
      doubt argue 'regress' in this case). If you want to get gigs and get other
      people to play your music you have to at least make some concessions as to
      what's currently en vogue at a given moment in time. My guess is that Hybrid
      have recognised this and adapted accordingly. It's no use putting breaks
      remixes/production (prog or otherwise) if only the people on this list buy
      them or play them. Making music for tv and film is a different ball game of
      course and I guess there's much greater scope for the epic, orchestral type
      of sound in that field.

      There's a lot of great music out there and I don't see a problem with a
      variation in approach. In fact it makes me think there's a brighter for

      That said, I'll probably be proved completely wrong an album 4 will be a
      return to Wide Angle J.


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      We must be opposites, I LOVED the first disc. Simply awesome. I agree,
      Minimalist tech house isn't my thing either and that's not really how I
      viewed the first few tracks from the second disc. Also, the Matrix Dub of
      Just One More sounded like any other classic Hybrid remix with that
      particular moniker, lighter on the melody and heavy on the banging. I
      thought it was actually done quite well. Very driving track. Very old
      school sounding Hybrid vibe too.

      > Well, got to say I did n't dig CD1 at first but as expected it has
      > begun to grow on me a lot.
      > Can understand that people are a little disappointed with CD2.
      > Definitely a CD of two halves with the minimilist tech house vibe
      > first up (which, incidently I dislike enormously), journeying into
      > prog house territory at the end. Not too many breaks in there,
      > although Hybrid did point out in their latest interview that there's
      > not a lot of quality breaks material out there at the mo, so I guess
      > that's understandable. I definitely like the second half of CD2,
      > think the Formula Of Fear remix is superbly produced (as most Hybrid
      > remixes have been recently) so bit surprised by some people's
      > comments. Think the end of the CD flows nicely from track 9 through
      > to the end, once you've managed to negotiate the rather uninspiring
      > Shifter & Carvell remix of $50 Pistol.
      > I'm hardly going to comment on the first half of CD2, I do not like
      > it. The only thing I will say is that the Matrix Dub of Long Range
      > is disappointing, not a patch on the original Hybrid mix (which is a
      > true winner) and a tad dull.

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