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24924RE: [Hybrid] HYBRID - SOUND SYSTEM 01 PROMO info

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    May 24, 2008
      I managed to track down a copy of the Promo, it's a 2xCD-R in a PVC Sleeve. However, I don't recommend you fork out large sums of money for the promo for the simple reason is that they periodically change the volume every so often, so it's turned down all the way and then back up again a few times on every track. I'm a bit annoyed but at least I didn't pay too much for it and would have bought the retail version next month regardless.

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      To: hybriduk@yahoogroups.comFrom: _schwa_@...: Sat, 10 May 2008 22:08:12 -0400Subject: RE: [Hybrid] HYBRID - SOUND SYSTEM 01 PROMO info

      I can dig the tracklist .. But i hope for some singles to come from this ...considering its mixed ... Id like to hear full versions of some of these tracks ... So lets hope we get some extended mixes ..possibly uncut singles ...RICKTo: HybridUK@yahoogroups.comFrom: davnichols@...: Mon, 5 May 2008 18:04:55 +0000Subject: [Hybrid] HYBRID - SOUND SYSTEM 01 PROMO infoSo, I'm about to ruin my chances to bid on this item but I felt it was important enough information to share with you all (well for those that aren't aware already)If you go here; http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180239198968 (nothing to do with me, I might add), you will see this track listing (straight cut & paste):CD1 1) HARRY GREGSON WILLIAMS - DESERT CHASE (SERAPHILM FALLS SOUNDTRACK) 2) TRENTEMOLLER & DUDA - GAMMA 3) MASSIVE ATTACK - SWEET IS GOOD (DANNY THE DOG SOUNDTRACK) 4) TRIFONIC - PARKS ON FIRE 5) LOSTEP - 6AM SEDNA 6) ANDY PAGE - YELLOW TRACKSUIT 7) VECTOR LOVERS - LAST DAY OF WINTER 8) STEFAN ANLON - DAS LAND SPRICHT 9) SPOOKY - THE RIVER 10) JOHN MURPHY - FRANKS DEATH (28 WEEKS LATER SOUNDTRACK) 11) HARRY GREGSON WILLIAMS - SALADIN (KINGDOM OF HEAVEN SOUNDTRACK) 12) GORILLAZ - FILM MUSIC 13) JOHN MURPHY - FRANKS DEATH (28 DAYS LATER SOUNDTRACK) 14) CHARLOTTE HAMESON - SHADOWS OF THE CITY 15) DARRYL JAMESON - ARP THING 16) AYVLCHI SAKAMOTO FT DAVID SYLVAN - WORLD CITIZEN 17) HARRY GREGSON WILLIAMS FT LISA GERRARD - MAN ON FIRE (MAN ON FIRE SOUNDTRACK) CD 2 1) SASHA - COMA (AMBIENT ELECTRO MIX) 2) QUIVVER - SURIN (ORIGINAL) 3) LUKE DZIERZEK - IDENTITY (KING UNIQUE REMIX) 4) SHIFTER & CARVELL - DARK DISTANCE 5) LONG RANGE - JUST ONE MORE (HYBRID MATRIX DUB) 6) SOLIQUID - LONESFIELD 7) HYBRID - FORMULA OF FEAR (HYBRID ECHOPLEX MIX) 8) HYBRID FT HARRY GREGSON WILLIAMS - FIFTY DOLLAR PISTOL 9) LANK - CONFRONTATION 10) OLIVER MOLDAN VS HARADA - FORTUNE COOKIE 11) STEFFANO GREPPI - ELECTRO POP (AMBIENT MIX) 12) ELITE FORCE - SHIVVA So, I'm now interested to hear what everyone thinks to this track list. Personally, I'm disappointed that there is no sign of the Planet Funk Everyday Remix....CheersDavid [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]



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