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24853Re: Distinctive release note

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  • dcraig@nmt.edu
    Jan 15, 2008
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      The thing is, Deadmau5 is big right now but of everything he's put out
      recently that Finished Symphony track is both weak as a remix of said
      track and weak compared to almost all of his other productions to date.
      It doesn't make any sense.


      > Yeah, the confusion is Hybrid fans generally don't like the Deadmau5
      > remix, but because he is the big thing now, everyone else loves it
      > to death. It's one of the biggest tracks on Beatport still! Also the
      > first time I technically heard many DJs play anything Hybrid in
      > years, which can only be good for Hybrid. Maybe a proper Finished
      > Symphony 2008 remake EP on Hope, haha.
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