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24852Re: [Hybrid] Distinctive release note

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  • Rukes
    Jan 14, 2008
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      Yeah, the confusion is Hybrid fans generally don't like the Deadmau5
      remix, but because he is the big thing now, everyone else loves it to
      death. It's one of the biggest tracks on Beatport still! Also the
      first time I technically heard many DJs play anything Hybrid in
      years, which can only be good for Hybrid. Maybe a proper Finished
      Symphony 2008 remake EP on Hope, haha.

      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "Kiri Hatton" <kirihatton@...> wrote:
      > For some reason it's done quite well amongst the more trancey
      > www.arminvanbuuren.net/
      > It was voted no 73 for the track of 2007 by Armin's listeners...
      and when we saw Hybrid spin at Platform 12 on New Years, everyone
      went nuts when they dropped it, where as we just stood there looking
      a bit confused lol
      > Anyways, I'm quite interested to hear the Boom Jinx mix in full
      > --------------------------------------------------
      > From: "Darrin Maunders" <darrin@...>
      > As part of last autumns rapturously received `Hybrid RE_MIXED' CD
      album, the `Unfinished Symphony ` mixes inevitably stirred up the
      greatest demand. The Deadmau5 mix, with its epic, floor destroying
      sweeps and driving rhythms has been in the Beatport top five for a
      month, leaving the vinyl buyers crying out for a 12" release. Hot new
      electro housers Deadsets' tweaky funk and sparing use of the strings
      makes for a more restrained but no less powerful outing. This superb
      12" also features a remix from Boom Jinx, this mix reĀ–introduce
      breaks to proceedings whilst adding lush layers of instrumentation.
      > Official Release Date - 28th Jan 2008
      > <http://www.distinctiverecords.com/disn177.html> NOW
      > --- I thought everybody hated the Deadmau5 mix?
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