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24842Distinctive release note

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  • Darrin Maunders
    Jan 11, 2008
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      As part of last autumns rapturously received ‘Hybrid RE_MIXED’ CD album,
      the ‘Unfinished Symphony ‘ mixes inevitably stirred up the greatest
      demand. The Deadmau5 mix, with its epic, floor destroying sweeps and
      driving rhythms has been in the Beatport top five for a month, leaving
      the vinyl buyers crying out for a 12” release. Hot new electro housers
      Deadsets’ tweaky funk and sparing use of the strings makes for a more
      restrained but no less powerful outing. This superb 12" also features a
      remix from Boom Jinx, this mix re–introduce breaks to proceedings whilst
      adding lush layers of instrumentation.

      Official Release Date - 28th Jan 2008

      <http://www.distinctiverecords.com/disn177.html> NOW

      I thought everybody hated the Deadmau5 mix?
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