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24792Re: Hybrid Re_mixed - Your verdict

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  • Trent Saunders
    Nov 5, 2007
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      There truly was so much potential with this album to create something spectacular, Hybrid just don't sound good when thrown into minimal tech house remixes, (With the exception of Group Therapy's mix). Like mentioned before, The BLACKOUT remix is totally stunning and easily the best track in the whole package, why not more of this???? Even if distinctive had involvment with the release then they should know by now Hybrid fans love the beatless cinematic work, the ambient epic sounds like lights go down knives come out and In good we trust, I say 50/50 which I hate to admit as I love all Hybrid's work with a passion, but then again, this isnt exactly new Hybrid material is it? shame all the mixes are not as inspiring as The cinematic orchestra's, stefan anion's and Kosheen's.

      worth buying for the handful of tracks that are good (and when they are good, they are REALLY good) but dont expect each song to blow you away, especially Just for today, my little sister could create something better in garageband than Mr Jerome did to insult this song.
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