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24790Re: Hybrid Re_mixed - Your verdict

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  • Georgy
    Nov 5, 2007
      You are right. This album is another proof that the art of remixing is long gone, especially with unknown artists. Where are the real remixes, the like of what Deep Dish, Underworld, Hybrid or the mighty Fluke (the greatest remixers of all time) made??

      With the exception of the 3 mentioned here, the rest are not remixes at all, just the remixers' own tracks. They have nothing to do with the original track, throwing a bit of string samples will not qualify. It was funny 15 yrs ago, when Aphex Twin sent back his own track as a remix, but we're not there anymore.

      Gotta admit, if I listen to them as standalone tracks, some sound very good but they are still not remixes. Listen to the Deadset album, and you will hear their Hybrid "remix" on that as well.

      For me, the low point is Jerome Sydenham, whose 2 tracks sound like crap. I mean copying Tiesto is bad in itself, at least he should have copied someone who has produced one decent thing in history.

      BTW, what's up with Distinct'ive?? Many have left them in the last year, Dreadzone, ILS, Hybrid and I'm sure there are more.

      On 11/4/07, jtstarkiller <jtsimler3@...> wrote:

      I wouldn't pin the boys' direction off this remix album. If the rumor is true, they didn't have much to do with this release, especially since they've just left Distinct'ive.

      And I agree, quite a few clunkers in this group. The standouts are the ones we've already heard (Elite Force, Stefan Anion, Group Therapy). Still nice to get all those on CD though, including a nice high quality version of Sleepwalking, the best track on the album.

      The exception is, of course, as you mentioned, Blackout. It's a stunning remix that is also worth the price of the entire album. It's just bloody fantastic. I was telling my brother that it sounds like something off Clint Mansell's score to The Fountain, which is my absolute favorite score of all time.

      But I mean, come on. What the **** is with the Santiago remix of Until Tomorrow? It's absolute garbage and sounds nothing like the original. Same goes for the Keep It In the Family remix. What a waste.
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