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24752Re: Sheffield DJ Set and Hybrid Info

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  • Ben Abrams
    Oct 8, 2007
      Good set from Mike. Highlight of the night was getting to chat at the end.

      Prior to talking to Mike I'd noticed a lady stood patiently at the back of the stage while Mike did his stuff (looking suspiciously like Charlotte James). This was confirmed once I was introduced. Have to say she was extremely pleasant (as was Mike). Both were genuinely prepared to chat (this was at 5am with Mike absolutely soaked in sweat and Charlotte having stood at the back for 2 hours).

      I'm sure nobody is that interested in my own personal experience but the info I picked up during our chat may be of some interest.

      1. The new artist album (LP4) is to be released April/May 2008. I asked Mike if this was one of those preliminary release dates that moves further and further back (like MSF), but he seemed pretty adamant that the album would be released at this time.

      2. The new album will be more 'song based'. Didn't press Mike for a strict definition of this description but I think it is safe to assume that Charlotte James will feature heavily.

      3. Humvee Chase (Hybrid Remix) will now become an official Hybrid track (woo hoo! really pleased about this) and will feature on LP4! (this was played as the encore)

      4. Mike said that one of his favourite tracks from the Re_mixed album is the Cinematic Orchestras remix of Blackout, although he also admitted that he'd not even heard the Deadmau remix of Finished Symphony yet!

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