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24672Re: Hybrid's Live Performance - Glade

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  • Ben Abrams
    Jul 27, 2007
      I must say all of this is well over my head and I don't profess to
      know anything about the wheres and why falls of sound engineering but
      what I can say is that the balance across frequencies, regardless of
      any adjustments made as a result of noise pollution concerns, seemed
      to be much improved for this performance (by my ear).

      I've come to be used to a complete bass overload during a lot of the
      live performances I've seen (particularly the Manchester Warehouse
      project where I heard virtually nothing other than a lot of distorted
      bass and couldn't even make out any of the string sections), so much
      so that I was desperately looking forward to this gig as I'd heard a
      lot of money had been spent on the sound systems. I have to say in
      my own humble opinion that this ranked as a huge improvement, but
      that is not to say that the sound was perfect.

      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, Pev <pev@...> wrote:

      Allow me to confirm then as one of the aforementioned stage
      managers! I can't comment on the main stage setup but on mine at
      night the PA had 50Hz, 63Hz and 75Hz pulled by about 9dB. This isn't
      because the license said pull these down but was because these were
      the frequencies travelling the furthest from the site in the
      prevailing weather conditions.

      Theres definately a lot to be thought about for next year though
      with regards to how this gets dealt with in my opinion though.

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