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24670Re: Hybrid's Live Performance - Glade

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  • Max Hogg
    Jul 26, 2007
      Funny how different two people's experiences can be!

      I caught Hybrid again at the Glade and although it was still an enjoyable gig I thought it suffered from several things beyond their control, not least the sound. The Glade festival has some of the best soundsystems on the planet, but constantly have complaints from nearby residents, and so are forced to be creative with volume controls in order to balance the needs of punters and residents. In Hybrid's case I felt that the soundscape definitely had a 'hole' at a low frequency. I was working at the festival so asked one of the stage managers and he claimed (though I've not had this confirmed so its just a rumour) that a condition of the festival's licence was that they turn down a section of the bass frequencies (he thought it was around 50 -100 Hz) by around 10dB. To me this meant that some of the complexity of Hybrid's sound was lost (which after all is why they are such a phenomenal act), and I didn't feel the gig 'got' me as much as Glasto.

      I also didn't think it was the right time of day for them, but that's more of a personal thing - I'd to see them in a dark, semi apocalyptic nuclear-bunkeresque setting (like the Warehouse porject) at 4am as it adds so much to the atmosphere.

      Anyway, just my thoughts and I'm aware they come across as unreasonable gripes for everyone not at the festival last weekend. But count yourself lucky - those that were there nearly drowned!


      [[[Moderator (Alan) says: If true, I think it odd that live-sound professionals would just drop a hole in an relatively arbitrary frequency range like that, surely it would make more sense to drop the whole spectrum by a few dB and maybe cut out more of the subsonics thereby leaving the overall sound mostly intact, whilst also seeming to give the locals more than they were asking for.

      I realise that if it was a council edict that proper acoustic theory probably played no part in the decision... but really.]]]

      On 25/07/07, Ben Abrams <benjabrams@...> wrote:

      Hey peeps,
      Hybrid's live performance at Glade was awesome! Definitely the best of all the live performances I've seen recently (Global Gathering, Manchester). The sound system was excellent and it's probably the first time I've been able to hear the string sections with some clarity.

      Tracklisting went something like this

      Everything Is Brand New
      I Choose Noise
      Kill City (VIP mix)
      Unknown (Charlotte James vocals)
      Unknown (Charlotte James vocals)
      Until Tomorrow
      Humvee Chase (Hybrid Mix)

      Some of you might think you've misread the last track but it's true.... they did play the Humvee Chase remix!!! It went down a storm (as well as Until Tomorrow) and I hope this means that we see it released in some form in the future because it is a superb track.

      The boys should be really proud of themselves because it was clearly a well thought out performance and at last, the boys had a sound system that could do their music justice.

      Regarding the Charlotte James tracks I was quite impressed. They definitely had a MSF indie feel to them but both finished at a high tempo with some tight breaks (a la until Tomorrow). She had a solid voice (which I dont think could be said about Adam Taylor) and I'm looking forward to hearing the tracks she features on in the new album.
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