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24669Hybrid's Live Performance - Glade

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  • Ben Abrams
    Jul 25, 2007
      Hey peeps,

      Hybrid's live performance at Glade was awesome! Definitely the best of all the live performances I've seen recently (Global Gathering, Manchester). The sound system was excellent and it's probably the first time I've been able to hear the string sections with some clarity.

      Tracklisting went something like this

      Everything Is Brand New
      I Choose Noise
      Kill City (VIP mix)
      Unknown (Charlotte James vocals)
      Unknown (Charlotte James vocals)
      Until Tomorrow
      Humvee Chase (Hybrid Mix)

      Some of you might think you've misread the last track but it's true.... they did play the Humvee Chase remix!!! It went down a storm (as well as Until Tomorrow) and I hope this means that we see it released in some form in the future because it is a superb track.

      The boys should be really proud of themselves because it was clearly a well thought out performance and at last, the boys had a sound system that could do their music justice.

      Regarding the Charlotte James tracks I was quite impressed. They definitely had a MSF indie feel to them but both finished at a high tempo with some tight breaks (a la until Tomorrow). She had a solid voice (which I dont think could be said about Adam Taylor) and I'm looking forward to hearing the tracks she features on in the new album.
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