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24666OT: James Warren - Way Out West Remix & Original Production Part II

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  • James Warren
    Jul 19, 2007
      Apologies for the delay in getting this out but here's a link for those who haven't already seen it or who wanted notification of its existence. Apologies also to the those who have no interest in its existence!

      For those that know him from a previous life on here, Vinnie was a great help on putting this together.


      'Another great tribute mix, it's nice to hear someone doing things a bit differently and making the effort to make their own re-edits, top marks' - Jody Wisternoff

      01. Way Out West - Killa (Edit)
      02. Kosheen - Hungry (Way Out West Unreleased Mix)
      03. Liquid Child - Diving Faces (Way Out West Mix
      04. Roni Size - Share The Fall (Way Out West Mix)
      05. Unicorn - Unicorn (Way Out West Dub)
      06. X-Press 2 - Tranz Euro Xpress (Way Out West Remix)
      07. BT - Shame (Way Out West Mix)
      08. The Orb - Toxygene (Way Out West Begbie Mix)
      09. Caspar Pound - Pioneers of the Warped Groove (Way Out West Mix)
      10. Lost Witness - Happiness Happening (Way Out West Mix)
      11. Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil (Way Out West Dub)
      12. Dubstar - Not So Manic Now (Way Out West Prophecy Dub)
      13. Opus 3 - Fine Day (Way Out West Mix) [JW 'Subliminal Cuts' Mash-Up]
      14. Lightning Seeds - Life's Too Short (Way Out West Dub Mix)
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