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24580Re: Hybrid Scores and List (was Re: Cascade Track)

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  • Georgy
    Jun 12, 2007
      Amazing. When I only mentioned Scores years ago, the message was censored and now an "advice how to get it" can go through. Things change. That's why I'm wondering why this list is still moderated? What are you/we afraid of? Harsh language? Some criticism against the
      mighty Hybrid? Or download links? I can find links sooner than my e-mail client starts.

      This list is slower than Apple pulling a new operation system out. No real discussions can go on when you get a response in 2 days; it just doesn't matter anymore.

      Why not let all messages go through instantly and warn those who misbehave?

      [[[Moderator (Alan) says: Back then Scores was strictly promotional and only going to those people who could conceivably help Hybrid pursue their dream of scoring a movie or three. Not such an issue, now.

      Yes, the list has been slow and that's my fault as much as anyone's, the moderators are all busy people, moreso of late it would seem.

      This list is officially sanctioned by Hybrid and Distinct'ive, as such any info going out on it should be either clearly the opinion of the poster or official information, any confusion between the two could reflect negatively on either (or both) of the official parties mentioned (Hybrid and Distinct'ive).

      I appreciate your frustration at the speed of the moderation and I will do my best to improve on that score (heh-heh), thanks for your patience.]]]

      On 6/10/07, marksl8r <marksl8r@...> wrote:
      Easiest way to get it is to find a torrent of "Scores" (mininova.org is where I found it), the first track is called "Rise Again" and it is Cascade.

      I am very intrigued about the Original Scores Vol 1 & 2 that someone has on discogs.com as this looks different to Scores. Someone on the facebook group was writing about it the other day and he said it was well worth checking out - any ideas??
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