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24475Re: [Hybrid] question regarding song remix

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  • ldinmichigan
    Mar 21, 2007
      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, phybrid <phallam@...> wrote:
      > All I want was a kind of collab with Kirsty Hawkshaw at first - it
      can be heard on the JJJ in the Mix set. Everyone believed it would be
      on Morning Sci-Fi, but sadly it was left out and became a track on
      Kirsty's album - Hybrid being the producers. So, the original without
      Kirsty has stayed unreleased. There are a few "naughty white labels"
      out there, though I cant say how easy they are to get hold of. In my
      opinion, the JJ in the Mix version is the greatest - the stomping
      piano chords made the tune for me. Although, the newer one has the
      gorgeous strings. I'll never be satisfied.
      > On 3/19/07, ldinmichigan <raggysama@...> wrote:
      > hybrid's offical site http://www.hybridsoundsystem.com/ has a little
      streaming audio player in the uppper right hand corner. there's a
      particular remix of 'all i want' that the official site uses which i
      can't seem to find anywhere. i was wondering if anybody knew the name
      of this remix or perhaps the album/single/compilation/whatever that
      it's from. any help is appreciated.
      > --
      > phallam
      The string section portion of the song that's on the official website
      is Luke Chable's remix of David by Gus Gus. The song, on it's own, is
      on the Y4K album (and also rocks).
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