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24462In Case You Didnt Feel Like Showing Up - Live - Hybrid @ HOB , Orlando

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    Mar 19 5:20 PM
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      So ...

      Let me just start out by saying this was an amazing show ... Hybrid never
      cease to amaze me ...The sound was full and rich .... Mike's keyboard
      playing was amazing ... Chris and his little D Beam was so cool to watch
      ..... Alex , once again , played an amazing show ...

      Ok .

      The venue ...perfect .... the sound ..perfect ... the setlist ... not bad

      Now the downside.....

      I was somewhat disapointed by this show .... from all the reviews Ive been
      reading I was expecting a 90 minute , possibly more , show ... What I got
      was exactly 56 minutes ..the opening djs played longer than Hybrid did ... .
      The setlist was tight , dont get me wrong there ... hearing Snyper , Kill
      City And Finished Symphony were amazing .. and the new tracks from the new
      album seemed dancier than they did on the cd .... and Jon Graham did an
      amazing job on Choke and Until Tomorrow (which is now my new fave) ....but
      all the extras that Ive been hearing about were totally left out of our show
      ..... No Charlotte (so of course no female vocal trax ) ... no If I Survive
      ..... no remix of Charlotte's track ... No Just For Today .... no Beachcoma
      (i heard they played this at a couple of shows) ...Im not sur eif it was the
      venue making the stop early or if Hybrid were just burnt out by all the
      touring ...all in all I had a great time ... I loved what they played ... I
      was just hoping for a longer show ... and didnt they have Hook at a couple
      of the shows ?? ... No Hook at our show either ...

      Well Ultra is at the end of the week ... Hopefully Hybrid pull it all out at
      that show ... Ill let everyone know ...

      And if any list members are going ..hit me up ... maybe we could arrange a
      meet-up of sorts ..

      Chaz , Rachel , etc ... (is Ollie still around , even ???)

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