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  • Jonathan Gerler
    Feb 7, 2007
      Richard Patrick is now the lead singer for a band called Army of
      Anyone...(which also includes Rob and Dean Deleo of the Stone Temple

      They played a show at NClub in Greensboro NC a few weeks ago, my girlfriend
      and I actually got to meet him after the show. He was walking off the bus as
      we were walking to our car, perfect timing. Very cool, laid-back guy. Just
      got married. Gave us both a hug...HA!

      Another rock-star moment...*lurk mode re-engaged*


      On 2/6/07 1:53 PM, "magnus@..." <magnus@...> wrote:

      > funny thing..
      > remember Filter 'Take a picture' remix - stunning track.
      > The lead singer is Richard Patrick..
      > ..is the brother of Robert Patrick (T1000 - T2)
      > like I said .. a tad funny for 2c..
      > /Magnus

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      > Ämne: [Hybrid] Re: Hybrid get everywhere!
      > Yeah, aside from Top Gear i also caught 'i chose noise' on a radio 1
      > trailer this weekend.....
      > Methinks one of the BBC sound programmers is a bit of a Hybrid fan....:D
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