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24238Holes in my discography ...

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    Nov 27 5:40 PM
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      So I thought I was about 98% complete with my Hybrid collection (This
      includes the side projects and Trumans early work) ... but yesterday I was
      browsing through discogs.com and came across a few releases I never knew
      about ...

      So for those collectors out there (i know there a few of you) we have some
      new work for us ....

      Here's what Ive found :

      Phillip Bailey - Steppin Through Time - Hybrid Mix .... god Ive been looking
      for this one for years ... Ive bought numerous Phillip Bailey 12"'s
      throughout the years and its never even been on 1 of them ....

      Hybrid - Sleepwalking ..... so this is never gonna see the light of day huh
      ?? ... no official release for this one ...not even as a B-Side ....

      Hanz Zimmer - Dear Clarice - Hybrid Mix ..... remember the boys talking
      about doing a remix of this ?? ... well I do .... so what happened ....

      3 Wise Monkeys - Work 4 Your Love - Troy Sands Remix

      Hybrid feat Adam Taylor - Demons ... they talk about it on there Myspace
      page ... so it exists for them ....

      Planet Funk - Everyday - Hybrid's 1150 Mix

      Chronicles of Narnia - Evacuating London - Hybrid's Hiding in the Closet Mix

      Hybrid Score Cd Vol.1 & Vol. 2

      Move Your Body (CheckPoint Charlie Mix By Three Wise Monkeys) (4:39)

      Erasure - Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me (Jon Pleased Wimmin Flashback
      Vox) (6:42)
      Engineer [Remix] - Mike Truman
      Programmed By - Nick Muir
      Remix - Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin

      The Solid Collective - Can You Feel It ? (Lee Mullin & Mike Truman)
      A1 Can You Feel It (Brooklyn's Poor And Needy Mix)
      Remix - Brooklyn's Poor And Needy
      A2 Can You Feel It (Original BB Mix)
      AA1 Can You Feel It (Bag Mix)
      AA2 Can You Feel It (Piano Mix)

      BFL Project - Chain of Fools (Super Ego Remix)

      I think thats it ... but thats enough .... now I have a whole new list of
      trax Im on the hunt for ... watch out Ebay & GEMM ...

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