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23954I Choose Noise. Oh yes.

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  • ally @ hybrid-group.com
    Sep 7, 2006
      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "ally @ hybrid-group.com"
      <ally@...> wrote:
      > I was suprised at how dark the album was when I first heard it...
      > Ally

      D'ya know...I'm going back on this comment. It really depends on
      when/where you listen to I Choose Noise.

      It's on at work at the moment and it's really uplifting - I am
      loving it.

      I've not really given my comments so far...I like to see what
      response you guys give before jumping in with mine. I don't want to
      rail-road your

      opinions (actually, that would be pretty hard to do with you lot!).

      So, here are a few of my comments about some indivdual tracks. I'll
      keep it brief ;-)


      I wasn't sure how I'd react to this track...but I really like it.
      Messes with my head a little...is it me, or does it go in and out of
      major and minor keys?...or is that just the way Perry has sung it?
      It's a very catchy track...although I can only ever remember two
      lines....this is a written impression of me singing this tune to

      "Mmmmm...laaa..laaa....on a Sunday
      afternoon!....mmmm....laaa.laaaa.laaa...wish upon a Dogstar!"

      I Choose Noise

      I can see why this is Chris' favourite track. I love the
      orchestration. I really like the chord progression at 4mins 5
      secs...I don't even know how to describe why I love it...it just
      works really well. Lovely.

      Falling Down

      At first, I thought this was quite commercial - Judy sings the
      vocals in a certain way...reminds me a little of the singer from Way
      Out West (on Don't Look Now?). I thought this track would be an 'ah,
      it's ok' track....however, it really grew on me after the second
      listen. It's a very memorable track - every time I listen to it, I
      end up singing/humming the words all day. I love the line (and the
      way she sings it) "only fallen angels sing this loud!".

      Last Man Standing
      Love the groove of this track. It went down a storm at Global
      Gathering and it never fails to get everyone around me when the CD
      is on, tapping they feet or dancing around without realising. I keep
      calling it Hooligan Spirit by accident, because it kinda sounds
      quite hooligan-ish. The electric cello is fab. Cracking tune.

      Hooligan Spirit

      I dunno about this track. I doesn't catch my attention when it's
      on...not helped by me wanting to call Last Man Standing it's name.


      At first, I really didn't 'get' this track. It all sounded too dark
      for me....but, then I listened to the lyrics a bit more and now I
      really like it. It's quite a disturbing track (it's meant to be, I
      spoke to Mike about it)...it creeps you out a bit...which I get now.

      Keep It In The Family

      Again, orchestration is great on this track...very Hollywood, very
      Harry Gregson-Williams. Obviously. It sounds more like an interlude
      to me. It's a snippet from a really good move. It's a moment of
      beautifullness. This is the track that makes me want a full-on
      orchestral cd from Hybrid.

      Until Tomorrow

      Nice track...I appreciate it's really well done...but not really my

      Dream Stalker

      Takes me back to Morning Sci-Fi a little...it's the Peter Book base.
      Loving the groove...great track to dance around to, bit of a
      Gravastar feel to some of it.

      Just For Today
      Everyone knows Finished Symphony has been my favourite track since
      it was released eons ago. No track has ever beaten it...but I had to
      give that a really good re-think when I heard this track. When
      Kirsty comes in it, it really pulls at my emotions. A really
      beautiful peice of music that is really well done. I love it. I love
      it. Does it beat Finished Symphony for me? The answer is...'it comes
      very very close' :-)

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