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23915Re: [Hybrid] Re: I Choose Noise - indeed I do.

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  • Trent Saunders
    Sep 5, 2006
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      I had the biggest smile on my face when I heard the
      album from start to finish. It is one of these rare
      gems of an album I will love for many many years to
      come and I know it is going to grow on many people
      over time. Look at Morning sci-fi, when that was first
      released it was panned, but a year on after people had
      grown on it the there were 5 star reviews all round!!
      check amazon.co.uk and amazon.com etc.. after mid 2004
      and you'll get my drift!!!

      I love every track on the album, I love the darkness
      and majestic power the boys have taken the music, very
      cinematic, deep and emotional. 'Until Tomorrow' would
      be my top fave song if I had to choose one, Incredibly
      powerful vocals and lyrics that really speak out.
      John Graham is a vocalist who is going to go to huge

      all in all I would give the album 10/5 stars!!!!!
      Mindblowing, epic and truly unforgettable.

      well that my opinion anyway!! Thanks Mike and Chris
      (and Harry) for this amazing work of art.
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