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23897Re: I Choose Noise - indeed I do.

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  • Jason Michael
    Sep 4, 2006
      I must admit I when i first listened to the whole album through (skipping
      the 3 songs i already had and had grown to love) i was fairly unimpressed
      with the remaining songs apart from 'keep it in the family' and 'until
      tomorrow' and 'secret circles', probably since they sounded most like the
      wide angle style tracks i was expecting, since this album was apparently
      supposed to be a return to the wide angle style. I was all set to write an
      email here saying how i was disappointed and give a fairly harsh critique of
      the other songs. However, it was a combination of 'ill give it a few more
      listens cuz i know ill eat my words' and not having enuff time to write the
      email that prevented me, luckily. The songs have grown on me, some of the
      tracks i thought were the worst on the album such as 'falling down' have
      grown on me most of all (gotta dig the half time beat in the 2nd chorus
      'tumbling tumbling' bit, that is reminescint of wide angle). I think it is
      important to listen to the tracks nice and loud on a good sounding system or
      good pair of headphones while in a receptive frame of mind (ie drinks and
      smoke, in my case). Its obvious the guys have spent a lot of time on the
      production, samples and effects etc. now my only major complaint is i think
      they should of spent a little longer on the melodic and structural side of
      the tracks (some of the tracks dont change all that much or only once, from
      beat orientated to orchestral or vice versa, the way wide angle had
      unexpected changes in key and direction) however im now loving all the
      tracks despite this (well im working on 'choke'). I wish they were a bit
      more adventurous melodically but by the end of each track im usually into
      it. I Still think that the strings need to drive the melody a bit more
      though, instead of just filling the background or in the case of dogstar,
      having a 'tacked on' feeling.

      I Guess all in all, im now really loving the album, i just needed time to
      get used to the fact it wasnt entirely what i was expecting (it probably
      didnt help that had heard 3 of the songs b4 the rest of the album, and was
      kind of judging the rest on the songs on there own. especially since just
      for today was one of the best and most wide angle-like). I havent added up
      all the running times of the tracks yet but does anyone get the feeling that
      is a bit short? i guess that is a good thing! feeling too long couldnt be
      good! should be better when i get the cd and the bonus track!
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