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23896Re: I Choose Noise - indeed I do. (the road trip review)

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  • zem_the_mattress
    Sep 4, 2006
      I took a Hybrid weekend to fully grok 'Noise'. Started with a 6 hour solo car ride. Once I
      was able to get to some open road I played through 'Noise', then Wide Angle (for
      perspective), and then 'Noise' again. I think that listening to a studio recording in a car is
      important because the spatial effects come through a bit better than on cans, and - as has
      been pointed out before, Hybrid is especially suited to motion. Before this trip, I had been
      through the album a few times during gym time and work, though this run through gave
      me new perspective.

      The first thing that hit me (especially on 'I Choose Noise') was the depth of detail on the
      orchestra arrangements. I think that they're much more layered and better produced than
      on anything previous. This also goes for 'Falling Down', 'Keep it in the Family', and 'Just
      for Today' - I have not seen credits, but I would guess that the Seattle orchestra w/Harry
      was on 'Choke' and 'Until Tomorrow' as well.

      The vocals are more processed than before. This works in these tracks, but I like the
      relatively unfiltered work in Wide Angle and MSF better.

      Really love the nastiness that is 'Last Man Standing' and 'Hooligan Spirit', these prove that
      Hybrid can do the techy, funky floor-burners with the best of them. Did anyone else note
      the similarities between 'Hooligan Spirit' and 'Little Peaking'?

      Overall this album is pretty sinister, and yeah it's soundtrack-y. The only problem I have
      with that is the lack of cohesiveness that Wide Angle has in spades. 'Wide Angle' was
      basically a movie in itself, so criticizing 'Noise' as being soundtrack-y relative to 'Wide
      Angle' seems a little weird to me. Otherwise, I am really impressed. These aren't really
      new themes or directions for Hybrid, but these tracks all seem very thoroughly realized.
      IMHO their most quality work yet, if not the most inspired. The passion and artistry that I
      think most of us love Hybrid for is very apparent on "I Choose Noise".

      Oh - the other part of my Hybrid weekend was seeing them (well actually, just Mike)@
      Avalon. Though without a Chris and various logistical difficulties, Mike played a really
      tight, clean set - probably among the top 3 sets I have seen from them. Highlights:
      Lostep's 'Villian', a remix of 'Knights or Cydonia' and of course the closer was 'Just for
      Today'. Then Nick Warren came on and dropped some quality house so I was actually able
      rest a bit. Imagine my extreme suprise when Mike came back on @ 330!!! Never imagined
      Mike was the marathon man. He teamed it with one of the locals until 630-ish capping
      the morning off with the always delightful 'Man on Fire remix' and 'Dogstar'. Shouts out to
      Drew, Carolyn, and Nathan - it was great seeing y'all! And of course much love to Eve
      Falcon and Mike for the entertainment.

      Happy 'Noise'-ing eveyone

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