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23886Re: [Hybrid] Re: I Choose Noise - indeed I do.

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  • Simon Chilvers
    Sep 4, 2006
      My Two Cents.

      "Secret Circles" - Nice intro, very ala "Opening Credits"

      "Dogstar" - Can't get into this, nice track until Perry Farrells vox kick
      in, I just don't dig him at all! Hopefully good remix potential with someone
      playing with the vox a bit and not making them so screechy. I think I
      would've liked it better a few years ago when I was first listening to Wide
      Angle as its very simlar to "If I survive", a track I'm afraid I've grown
      very unfond of during the years.

      "I Choose Noise" - Very nice... love the beat structure to this track. But
      the pulsey/bleepy sample is begging to be replaced by some Wide Angle'esque
      J-Me scratching! I think they should've got him back for this one.

      "Falling Down" - Didn't like this one at first, but I'm liking it more and
      more. The structure again is very nice, the start of the track I felt to
      begin with was too slow and I'd skip through it, but it grows into a nicely
      paced track, only critism now is it maybe too trancey, but I can bare that.

      "Last Man Standing" - Some have criticised this as being too "Film
      Scorey"... But thats something that I've always liked about Hybrids music. I
      like this track alot... I loved "Marakech" and this is its uglier twin
      brother in my opinion, and thats a good thing. This would not sound out of
      place on one of Hans Zimmers film scores? Are we sure it was Harry that
      collaberated with them on this album (Although his name doesn't appear next
      to this track I notice)

      "Hooligan Spirit" - Too much like late 90's Sasha like something of the
      Wipeout soundtrack, "Icarus" or "Pirhana A" I think? Its ok... but doesn't
      sit with the rest of the album very well in my opinion.

      "Choke" - Nice track... When I first heard it I didn't like it. The vocals
      like "Falling Down" just didn't do it for me. But its the one track that has
      grown on me very nicely. I like the atmosphere of the track in the buildup
      and the vocals are short and sweet not over powering the melodies behind
      them. I love the use of chimes, very nice.

      "Keep it in the Family" - Right... the last four I think are the pick of the
      album. But I'm saying nothing new there... it's seems that it's common
      consensus these are the best. On the first play through this was my
      favourate. But at first I just couldn't help hearing the rumbles of "All I
      Want" the explosion type samples you can hear throughout the track, most
      notibly starting at about 01.49mins, but once past that... and blocking it
      out of my mind. WHAT A TRACK! Absolutely superb, from the strings to the
      enigma like sampling of an Electric Guitar and the tinklings on the piano
      towards the end, this is simply superb!

      "Until Tomorrow" - Right... very strange this one... I don't know how I
      missed this track on the first few playthrough's, very weird. I completely
      did not take the track in, I can not explain it! But WOW! This is very
      different, very mature, I did not expect a track like this at all. I've
      played it to friends who have comepletely different and very diverse tastes
      in music, and they love it! I don't think there are many tracks out there
      that can claim to have a change of tempo as seamless and extreme as this
      one, its like listening to two different songs! Waiting 4.30mins building
      the track up without losing the listeners interest, AMAZING. Would love to
      hear this live with Tim drumming, the drums feel live on the track and must
      be really cool to see and hear live, hears hoping!?

      "Dream Stalker" - Errm.... ok.. different tak taken here as well.... but, it
      works. To be honest when I saw the tracklist for the album, I expected a
      final version of a track that we heard ages ago "Sleepwalking", and I was
      looking forward to it. But was initially disappointed. Until hearing this,
      (please note Mike/Chris... I still want "sleepwalking" released please).
      Pretty cool track, love the sample of Tony Scott and this time I do like
      Perry Farrells vocal effects (If only they'd stuck with something similar on
      "Dogstar"). Is it just me... or does anyone think of Visible Noise when
      listening to this???

      "Just for Today" - Awesome track... loved it the first time I heard it on
      Topgear back in May I think. Must admit though a very "safe" track for Mike
      and Chris to release as a free mp3 sampler. Its about the most typical
      Hybrid track on the album and sticks out a bit from the rest, most of the
      album is all dark and broody and then this one pops up, very uplifting, with
      gorgeous strings and vox from Kirsty. Good choice for last track in my
      opinion, anywhere else on the album it would've felt out of place.

      "Final thoughts" - Haven't yet managed to listen to "Everything is brand
      new" (love the track name by the way, although ironic, as mentioned I can
      hear bits that aren't "Brand New"), so looking forward to it when I can get
      round to finding a stereo that'll play it. Where did "Sleepwalking" and "Mr
      Smith" go? :( ... Other than that, awesome album... I didn't like the
      direction they were going with MSF, so this is a very pleasant surprise. As
      mentioned by Simon J there are a few remixes to look forward to and I can't
      wait to hear them. Just need some details about single release's now, but
      until then, this is firmly wedged in my stereo both at home, in car and at
      work. Thanks boys!

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