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  • ally @ hybrid-group.com
    Aug 30, 2006
      Yep - if there is one peice of advice I can give to anyone listening
      to I Choose Noise for the first time...it's listen to it a few times
      before making up your mind about the album/tracks.

      There's a lot to take in on the first listen...so much detail. I
      found that tracks that didn't do anything much for me on the first
      listen became my favourite track on the third listen.

      Have fun listening...I'm off to Amsterdam for a few days...I'll
      leave you with your other lovely moderators...Nick and Alan :)


      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Chapman"
      <peter1.chapman@...> wrote:
      > It's taken quite a number of listens. At first it was pretty good,
      > quality tracks but some of the harder ones (e.g. Hooligan Spirit)
      have taken
      > quite a while to sink in. The album as a whole now is phenomenal
      if on first
      > listen some of it washes over you, stick with it, it's well well
      worth it,
      > no where near as accessible as Wide Angle but the production is
      > and it's just a brilliant listening experience.
      > Last man standing just keeps getting better on every listen, when
      the EP
      > came out I kept skipping it thinking it went no where but the more
      > listen, the more you here all the intricacies, the tribal drum
      beat is
      > infectious as hell! I think my favourite track of the album is
      > until tomorrow, the build up is sublime and the acoustic nature
      sounds just
      > beautiful, not what i expected from Hybrid, a really wicked
      surprise. I'm
      > dying to hear some of this live. Come on Distinctive, secret live
      gig in
      > London or indeed any live gig within a 50 mile radius, pretty
      > Pete.
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