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23408Re: New chillout music?

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  • Andy P
    Jun 30, 2006
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      I was totally drawing and just listening to the Mocky Mushaboom remix when I read this!! Crazy.

      As for chillout, I would recommend anything off of Hefty Records...it's very electronic and sort of experimental, but Telefon tel Aviv is my favourite to listen to. Groove Armada's album Vertigo is pretty laid back... Also, I like the Irresistable Force, Jaffa, Zero 7, and the New Deal (Feist even sings on one the new deal's tracks!) ...all very good evening/drawing/chilling music, in my opinion. :)


      From: Carolyn Suzanne Pfaff <sweetcarolyn@...>

      hey everyone,
      i've been looking for some good new stuff to listen to while i'm working hard at my drawing table, chillout stuff seems to work best for me. any ideas?

      i have come across one artist whom i just love. her name is kate havnevik. she's great. she's worked with our friend carmen rizzo,
      >that's how i came across her. if you like orchestral arrangements with electronic flair, and she sort of sounds like bjork but not as weird, then you'll love her. i've got her song, "new day" up on my myspace page, it's got a beautiful intro with strings and horns, and then it gets all crazy towards the end.

      you can find her on myspace and itunes. great album. oh another artist i really like, is feist. she has a fun and childlike voice. "mushaboom" is a happy song. and she covers the bee gees, "inside and out," really great to sing along to.

      i sing "lonely lonely" when i'm lonely. anyways, i'd love any and all of your personal favorites.

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