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23370RE: [Hybrid] hybridsoundsystem.com - All I want

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  • Drew Ressler
    Jun 29, 2006
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      The "All I Want (Orchestral Mix)" you are talking about was supposedly the one going to be on Kristy's album, but then she wanted it
      changed with more of her vocals I think...

      You can still hear lots of small vocal snippets from the final Kirsty one in the Orchestral mix, though.

      Drew Ressler

      > 'All I Want' has been redone with 'In Good We Trust' layered
      > on the top.
      > Gutted. I still prefer the original instrumental but I
      > understand they must
      > have had to change it after Kirsty Hawkshaw released it on her album.
      > Re: the mp3 debate - I think Hybrid have had their say on the
      > matter now too
      > which also gives us the reason for the album title.
      > Consequently, expect a
      > nicely packaged vinyl version of the album :)
      > James
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