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23070Hybrid @ Coachella 04.29.06

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  • G3K
    May 1, 2006
      A few words on the Hybrid live set at Coachella:

      First off, it was effing incredible. The set was entirely new record #3
      stuff (except for Kill City thrown in for good measure) and both Adam and
      Perry were totally on point with the vocals. Very, very aggressive and
      dramatic stuff, with way more bite in the beat than MSF. Best set of the
      festival, hands down - people definitely walked out of there converts.

      At my campsite the next morning I was (sort of) rudely awakened by Morning
      Sci-Fi, then Wide Angle - I initially thought someone had broken into my car
      but it was the people in the space behind us. New fans, perhaps?

      The set was definitely hampered by the way the Sahara tent was set up,
      however - the crowd was split by a giant metal gate, vigilantly guarded by
      security. I was afraid I wouldn't get the chance to make it to the front,
      and only was able to make it in after a large group left. Still didn't see
      anyone from the
      list :-(

      All in all, a great weekend, and totally worth almost dying like five times
      on the ride back.