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23068Coachella Performance!!

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  • zem_the_mattress
    May 1, 2006
      Ummm - where to begin......

      I came to this show expecting it to be "very good", but instead I will summarize with
      "knocked me out of my socks - and, on my ass". While I didn't see any of the Wide Angle
      live dates (were there any?), I liked this show much more than the Morning Sci fi live date I

      It started with Chris announcing that they would be playing new material. First track was
      sort of an instrumental version of "This is What it Means", then started in on an epic
      string/break arrangement with Peter DiStefano on guitar (playing it with a bow!) for like 10
      min or so. Then John Graham came out to do vocals on a couple of tracks; the first one
      was relatively chill, the second was heavier with lots of guitar riffs. I kind of lost track
      after that because I was going apes@#% dancing (along with most of the front area) but
      Perry Farrell came out and did two or three tracks. The first I'll call "spirit of the sound"(a
      prevalent lyric) , a really awesome uplifting vocal track. Then he asked: "Are you ready to
      get Kinky????, cause I'm right there with you!!!" Then followed a really funky "freak" song. I
      think "Kill City" followed then another sort of familiar vocal track.........I can't exactly recall
      the end, but we'll say it included Mike dropping a gargantu-bassline (think the first drop
      from "True to Form" but even bigger) like 4 times, a spontaneous dance circle, and "bass/
      dance derived sexual arousal" (kid you not) on the part of one of that dancing circle.......

      To say the least, it was a magical experience. The cast (Hybrid + Peter DiStefano + John
      + Perry + unknown man on left console (peter hook?)) worked really well together; and the
      enthusiasm/energy was obvious. The performance was absolutely seamless and
      apparently effortless. The sound system in the dance tent (this year anyhow) was
      awesome. I jumped up a couple of times to peek back in the tent and it was at least 2/3
      packed. Obviously many of the heads were there for Perry Farrell, but I am certain that
      there were a whole lot of new fans made at this performance. 5-6 of the people we were
      dancing with were converted. Also, I was stopped a few times later in the day (I was
      wearing the shirt of course) by people who hadn't heard of Hybrid before Saturday.

      Anyhow, if the new album sounds half as good as this show was, I will be really happy.
      All of you need to beg, borrow, steal, or even kill to make it to one of these live dates. To
      all that didn't make the show: I'm super sad you didn't make it..... And much thanks to
      Jason for telling me who's who, and what's what. I apologize sincerely for any
      inaccuracies of info here. The opinions expressed are all mine though ;-D


      P.S. took a few pics - should be a link posted tommorow
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