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23009Re: [Hybrid] OT: Please protect your ears!

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  • Paul Dixon
    Apr 18, 2006
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      Excellent post Darrin.

      This has already happened to me. I suffered from tinnitus for about 10
      years. Listening to Kirstys' latest album - Meta-Message - out loud
      certainly caused mine to get worse. (I still listen to it though!)

      However, the semi-good news for suffers is that the Brain 'learns' to
      filter out the "ringing" sound - so your ears will get marginally
      better. Of course, filtering out the sound means you can't hear some
      frequencies. In my case I can't hear the very upper frequencies that
      well. But that doesn't mean I can't do things like DJ and make my own
      music. You get to live with it.

      Prevention is the key as Darrin suggests... but if this does happen to
      you, then don't panic. ;)

      Darrin Maunders wrote:
      > This is a bit off topic. Ally may or may not let this through. I hope she does.
      > I do not wish to frighten anyone, but I do feel it is my duty to at least make people aware of this and let them decide for themselves.
      > I recently have come down with a bad case of tinnitus. For those that do not know what this condition is it's where you can hear sounds where none exist. Others cannot hear the sounds But you can. Some people like myself can hear these horrible noises night and day every day. It may never go away. It left me feeling very depressed.
      > The main causes of tinnitus are ear infections, head trauma and LOUD NOISE. [snip]
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