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22978[Hybrid] Re: Hybrid's Live & DJ Dates (incl. Live UK date!)

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  • fedgemonkey
    Mar 31, 2006
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      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "gurby kaur" <gurby_kaur@...> wrote:
      > Hey,
      > Thanks for that nick.
      > Do you know if they are definately playing a 'live' set? It's just
      that i
      > read a post on nuskoolbreaks that said this particular date (13/05)
      they are
      > djing and NOT performing live. I also checked the rennaissance rooms
      > website and that too said they are djing on that date.
      > Turbo
      > [[[ Moderator (Nick) says: ]]] Will need to confirm this for you
      Turbo. It's a new night called 'Stir', a co-venture by Nano records
      and Breaksday (yes the same Breaksday that run the tent at Glade
      Festival). Whether this means that Hybrid will be playing live or
      DJ'ing is yet to be known, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it
      was live. We'll let you know for sure in due course once we know.


      yeah i saw the same post on nsb.co.uk, thing is it was biff (the guy
      who runs the glade etc) that said it's gonna be a dj set in london. he
      mentioned he's going over to see the live show in the states, and his
      answer to whether hybrid might play live at the glade festival was
      "you'll just have to wait and see"... intriguing ;)

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